Physical Exercises

My prefered exercises

Lifting weights has always been the more common exercise that people use but it’s really not the most effective for losing those inches off our tummies. I use more basic steps.

First we’ll talk about the different ways to get those tummies tucked.

Isotonic exercises -

  • normal walking
  • swimming
  • cycling
  • walking fast
  • dancing
  • jogging

Isometric exercises-

  • athletic throwing events
  • some gym equipment
  • rock-climbing
  • boxing, wrestling
  • martial arts
  • pushups
  • situps
  • pullups

These are just my preferred methods. There are hundreds of others out there.

Pushups to help Abs?

Believe it or not push ups can build abdominal muscles and burn fat. The reason this is true is when you do a push up, posture plays a big role. You have to keep your body inline from shoulder to feet. When you do this your abdominal muscles are what holds you in that position.

How does running help to lose belly fat?

Running and any cardio exercise increases the heart rate putting your body into overtime. This in turn causes your body to burn off fat located in your body from head to toe. I run inorder to keep my tummy tucked.

My opinion

Weight free exercises are a good source to lose inches off your belly but takes time. The number one way would be cardio and drinking water.


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